The Evansville based social media site is looking to expand their coverage of events with a few good men and women.

Monitoring police scanners and keeping the public up to speed on events taking place on Tri-State streets takes a ton of work, and nobody does it better than Evansville Watch. However, keeping up with everything 24-hours a day, seven days a week becomes a daunting task when you only have a handful of volunteers.

As far as I know, everyone who posts updates to both the Evansville Watch Facebook and Twitter feeds are 100% volunteer, and monitor police activity during breaks from their paying jobs, or just whenever they have some downtime at home. If every volunteer is busy, then the site doesn't get updated. In order to reach their goal of 24/7 coverage, the site is looking for additional volunteers that have an interest in keeping the public updated on incidents taking place in and around our community.

Those interested need to simply visit the Evansville Watch Facebook page, copy, paste, and complete the application provided, then e-mail their completed application to

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