If you are a parent with kids that are of driving age, I'm sure you lecture them before they take the wheel. "Pay attention, drive slowly, don't text, pay attention." This is probably what I'll be telling Chase in a few years. I will then panic everytime I hear a siren. Who am I kidding, I will wrap my baby boy in bubble wrap to keep him safe. Just kidding. We know that's not logical, and accidents do happen. What do you do when facing the worst? Pray.

I have been following the Praying for Aidan Facebook page since July 27, 2021. It was created after Aidan and his brother Milo were in a very serious car wreck. Their mom happens to be a Doctor with Deaconess, so there is no sugar-coating how significant her sons' injuries were. Milo had a leg injury, but he was awake and able to use his phone.

Aidan's situation was a lot worse, and doctors were not sure he would pull through.  His injuries include multiple temporal bone fractures and 2 types of brain injury, a broken chin, broken teeth, a broken femur, broken arm, and shattered elbow as well as ligament damage in his left knee.

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4 AM Ramblings From a Sleep-Deprived Broken-Hearted Mama:

It's 4 AM and I am sitting next to Aidan's bed watching him for any signs that he is in there. He is deeply sedated and so very sick. He up and without any provocation moved his right leg spontaneously. The nurse looked at me and said "did ya see that mom?? And smiled." ~ Jess Mendel

Prayer is Working

The prayers ARE WORKING! His physicians have now admitted to me that they are 'shocked' at his rapid improvement. Today, he has started to consistently open his eyes and find his dad or mom and make deliberate eye contact. He is giving THUMBS UP with BOTH hands and squeezing our hands ALL ON COMMAND! ~ Jess Mendel

They had been told previously that it could be weeks before he was able to follow commands. In the latest status, his mom says that he is off of the ventilator, and the Neurosurgeon says he is defying expectations!

A Final Piece of Advice To My Son As He Graduates (GALLERY)

Angel here and my son, Parker, graduates today. Last week he said something at a senior event that tore deep into my momma soul and I have one last piece of advice for him.

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