I don't hover around my son Chase that much...Unless you ask him, I guess. Even though I know that he wouldn't do anything on purpose to break rules or get hurt, accidents happen. When he rides his bike in the street, goes swimming, or goes over to a friend's house, he can't leave until I tell him to 'BE CAREFUL', no less than 100 times. I know he thinks this is over-the-top cringy mom behavior, but I did everything that I could to keep him safe for nine months.

If you ever feel like your teen is not actually listening to you, and throws caution to the wind when they start driving, tell them the story of Aidan Mercer. Show your teen what could happen if they get behind the wheel, and drive on a busy highway without a seatbelt, and attempt to read or send a text.

Clearly, these are all things that everyone on the road should be doing. Sometimes teens think that we made all of these silly rules to cramp their style. If you are met with the eye roll, this is what they need to see.

The next time your kids make fun of you for worrying about them wearing a seat belt or texting and driving show them these pics
Aidan's front teeth were busted out. His jaw (right at the level of his chin) had to be plated together with titanium. Now he's on a pureed diet. And he's lost 25 lbs of muscle he worked so hard to gain.


You can follow Aidan's story of recovery on the Praying for Aidan Facebook page. It was created after Aidan and his brother Milo were in a very serious car wreck. Milo had a leg injury, but he was awake and able to use his phone.

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Aidan's situation was a lot worse, and doctors were not sure he would pull through.  His injuries include multiple temporal bone fractures and 2 types of brain injury, a broken chin, broken teeth, a broken femur, broken arm, and shattered elbow as well as ligament damage in his left knee.

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