Richard Holt of Bazooka Tooth Tattoo in Evansville is currently not able to tattoo due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  In the meantime he's been running specials on gift cards for people to help support his business in this time of uncertainty.  That's where Jeff Lowe from the Netflix series Tiger King stepped in to help, in the most Jeff Lowe way possible.

Jeff sent Richard a shout-out video, to help him out since Richard currently isn't able to tattoo. In the video Jeff and his wife Lauren are seated on a couch in front of a tiger skin backdrop where he gives Richard a shout-out, and talks about the gift cards as well as a nice "f- you" to Carole Baskins, because no Tiger King video would be complete without that!  In the video Jeff also said that Richard was the artist behind his tattoos, and while that was just a joke, Richard is no doubt a super talented artist located in Evansville, you can see his work on his Instagram @TheBazookaTooth.

Check out the video from Jeff Lowe, below.

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