The Evansville Rescue Mission is truly a great organization in downtown Evansville. They work hard to serve the community and provide resources to help people get back on their feet.

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The pandemic threw everyone for a loop.

Two years ago everything changed when the Coronavirus pandemic took off.  Our way of life was completely turned upside down.  Many of us had serious disruptions to our daily life, and organizations had to find new ways to operate.   The Evansville Rescue Mission had to quickly come up with a way to continue feeding the community, while social distancing and keeping everyone safe.  They came up with their Grab 'n Go meal program, and for the last two years have been serving meals in the Grab 'n Go style, but soon they will be opening their dining room back up.

The Atrium Dining Room will soon be back open to outside guests.

The Evansville Rescue Mission took to Facebook to announce that on March 21st the Atrium Dining Room will be open to outside guests once again.

Dear Friend of the ERM:
I have some great news to share with you: Beginning Monday, March 21st, your ERM will begin reopening our Atrium Dining Room to outside guests. This major milestone is occurring right at two years after we first closed the Dining Room to non-residential guests due to COVID-19.
We feel that we have adequate protocols and procedures in place to accommodate this change, and we're excited to be able to once again offer the hospitality the ERM is known for. Over the past two years, we've continued to feed the community, but we've done so through our Grab 'n Go meal program. This program has been wildly successful, and if for some reason we have to readjust it in the future, we will absolutely do so.
We will continue to offer a clean, comfortable, safe environment - with really, really great food! Thanks for your continued support!
Tracy L. Gorman
President / CEO

The Evansville Rescue Mission feeds many.

I checked out the Evansville Rescue Mission's website, and did you know how many meals they serve a year?   A TON.  Here's what their website says:
Provides 259,000 meals each year, & 56,000 nights of safe shelter
If you'd like to help the Evansville Rescue Mission out, you can make a donation here, or sign up to volunteer, here. 

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