We all know that life can get a little crazy and you just want to let out some of that frustration every now and then. Evansville is home to a Rage Room that will allow you to do just that.

I was talking with a coworker today about stress, anxiety, and frustrations of life. They said that it would be nice to just find a way to let off some steam somewhere. That's when I was reminded about a place in Evansville that is designed for you to do so. I began to tell them about the Rage Room at Escape Evansville.

What is a Rage Room?

Rage Rooms go by several names including a Smash Room or Anger Room. These rooms are designed to let you unleash all of that built-up stress and frustration in a safe place. You'll be placed in a room full of breakable objects where you can throw, smash, crush, and destroy each one.

They'll hook you up with things to smash, protective gear, and of course your smashing tools of choice, such as baseball bats, a 2 x 4, sledgehammer, golf clubs, and more. They even allow you to bring in one personal item that you would like to smash, although there are some restrictions. So if you're trying to get over that ex that broke your heart, kiss that old photo of you two goodbye with a swing of a baseball bat.

You'll be in the room for 30 minutes, so you will have plenty of time to let off that rage. The Rage Room holds up to four people, so it might be ideal for date night, girls' night, bachelor and bachelorette parties, or it can be one of those things that you do by yourself.  Once you are done raging, you don't even have to clean up your mess. Do I have your attention now?

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Where is the Rage Room in Evansville?

Evansville's Rage Room is located inside of Escape Evansville at 600 N Weinbach Ave Suite 940. I was able to give the Rage Room a try a couple of years ago with the owner of Evansville Escape, Brian Bennett. It was a blast! You can see how it went in the video below, and find out how to book your own Rage Room experience by clicking here.

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