During the last Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation board meeting, a couple of changes were proposed to the 2022/2023 calendar. One pretty big change has caught the attention of parents that could affect a huge fundraising event in Evansville.

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 EVSC's Proposed Calendar Change Could Affect the WSNC Fall Festival

The proposed change to the school calendar would give students, teachers, and faculty one full consecutive week off for fall break. Currently, it is split between two weeks, and obviously having Monday through Friday off makes more sense for planning purposes. The issue is the week that EVSC is proposing also happens to be the week of the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival. It has always (As long as I can remember) been the first full week in October. In 2023 that will be October 2 through October 7.

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EVSC Podcast - November 21, 2022 Board Meeting Recap

You can see the proposed change in the quote from the agenda. It doesn't specifically mention the dates for fall break. In the video recap, the first week of October is stated as the week proposed for the 2023 fall break. Maybe this means the dates are not set in stone?

The proposed calendar also includes a new schedule for fall break, moving to a full week (Monday through Friday) rather than two consecutive partial weeks as has been done in recent years.

See Evansville Parents' Concerns About EVSC's Proposed Calendar Change

To an outsider, it probably doesn't seem like a big deal to have EVSC on fall break the same week as the fall festival. But after reading the numerous comments on social media, you can see that parents are pretty concerned about the success of the fall festival, especially since it is one of the biggest fundraising opportunities of the year.

  • Volunteers - Families and Teachers would be in short supply to run the food booths, considering that they plan vacations around Fall Break.
  • Students Running Amuck - We all know kids that are old enough to stay home alone, but not really mature enough to behave in public.
  • Sporting Events - Families don't want to choose between student athletics or vacation.
West Side Nut Club / Canva
West Side Nut Club / Canva

An Oversight Perhaps?

It is very possible that the School Board didn't even realize what week the Fall Festival is or the negative impact this could have on the festival overall. Again, this matter has not been voted on, and EVSC always appreciates and encourages open conversations with parents.

Source:[EVSC Agenda]

Source:[WDNC Fall Festival]

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