When I moved to the Evansville area in 2004, I didn't know much about it. Before the days of GPS, I had to ask for directions. I was pretty confused when someone told me to go to "Van De Kamp" Road. I thought, "Do they sell fish sticks here or something?"

During my 13 years as a resident in the area, I've learned so much about the rich culture and people. It just seemed to suit me better than my hometown and it had so much to offer. What other small city has a baseball team with a historic ballfield, a brand new arena, a world-class size street fair, a zoo, and a host of other amazing attractions?

And though Evansville is a vibrant place with a variety of people, sometimes we don't really take a step back to think about how amazing it truly is.

Two years ago, area businesses and organizations came together to fund a branding campaign that encompasses and highlights the positive aspects of Evansville and its people.  Charged with the enormous task of branding the city, local marketing specialists went to work to determine the message we want to proudly display to the world.

Yesterday afternoon, alongside Mayor Winnecke and other area leaders, the new branding message, "Evansville - e is for everyone" was rolled

"The people of Evansville are proud of what we’ve built together. It’s up to us to keep the energy and excitement going. When we connect, contribute and celebrate all that is Evansville, our community thrives. When we share the story of what it means to be a part of this community, whether resident, business person or visitor, we showcase our successes, " organizers said in a release.

Organizers are also hoping that the slogan and tagline become engrained into the fabric of the city. Past Evansville branding messages didn't reflect the thoughts and feelings of Evansville residents and fell by the wayside. Because of the two years of research and countless hours of listening to what the community has to say, they are hoping this slog is better received.

Mayor Winnecke said, "Advertising comes and goes. This will be a three-year, multi-platform effort, funded entirely with private money, telling the stories that make Evansville unique."

The campaign will feature bumper stickers, stories from Evansville residents, a social media presence, and a comprehensive website that tells the Evansville story; past, present, and future.

Incredible energy and growth, exciting opportunities and a diverse population of citizens. Many are seeing Evansville in a new and exciting light. Our story is happening now, and it needs to be shared. A new brand has been created to support this energy — one that brings all our assets together and unifies our people under a common and compelling symbol of our outstanding city. Our story must be clear and coherent, distinct and differentiating and inclusive of all the beautiful people, places and purposes that unite us. Evansville is more than a place on the map. Evansville is a living, breathing (working and playing) entity that demands a brand with just as much life and energy. No matter who you are, your passion or purpose, Evansville offers something for all.

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