If spooky tunes and lights are your thing, you'll love what one local house has done for the Halloween season!

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Evansville Loves Halloween

There's no doubt that in recent years Halloween has become increasingly popular.  In recent years I've noticed more and more houses going all out for Halloween, and it makes my little spooky heart happy.  There are homes like the Nightmare on Eastbrooke that hosts an entire haunted house.  There are also homes that decorate like mad and make their houses look like incredible specters of horror. There are also homes that go all out with light shows set to music, and this is definitely one of those!

Dragula by Rob Zombie from their 2021 show:

Lights on Pomona

Every year for Christmas one house goes above and beyond with its Christmas lights. Not only do they sync their lights with music, but they also use the opportunity to raise funds for Autism Evansville. In fact last year they raised $2,022 for Autism Evansville, which is absolutely incredible!

This year I'm sure they'll be bringing back their annual Christmas light show, and annual fundraiser, but in the meantime, they're doing something pretty cool for Halloween!

The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson from their 2021 show:

The Lights on Pomona Facebook page recently shared they are bringing back their Halloween light show for 2022, and it's awesome!

Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr. from their 2021 show:

The show schedule isn't out yet, but Facebook said Wednesday 10/19 at 7PM they're planning on launching the light show!   In the meantime enjoy videos of the light show to some of our favorite spooky rock songs, and follow the Lights on Pomona Facebook page for all of their updates.

Hauntingly Beautiful Photoshoot Inspired by Evansville's Grey Lady

Evansville's most notorious ghost is no doubt the Grey Lady. The Grey Lady is said to roam the halls of Willard Library, and stir up a little mischief every now and then. Hayden Burns Photography was so inspired by the Grey Lady, that she created a photoshoot completely inspired by her. Check out her stunning ghostly images below!

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