At the moment  8245 High Pointe Drive in Newburgh looks like just an empty lot with some trees, but something really exciting is coming to this plot of land! Myriad Brewing Company in Evansville is expanding its hugely popular taproom to a second location in Newburgh.

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Here's what Myriad said on Facebook:

It’s official! 8245 High Pointe Drive will be the 2nd taproom location! We’re confident in a March 2022 opening date. If it gets done sooner, we’ll serve beer sooner! #drinklocal
How exciting is this?  I actually grew up in Newburgh, and it truly amazes me how much Newburgh has grown over the years. Even since I graduated high school a little over a decade ago, it's mind-boggling how much they've done, and how much Newburgh has grown.  I'm excited to hear not only is Newburgh getting another place to enjoy locally brewed beer but also that Myriad has had so much success that they're able to open a second location in the tri-state. That's awesome! It's truly a testament to how delicious their locally brewed beers are.
If you want to follow along with Myriad's new adventure, be sure to follow their Facebook page. On there I'm sure they'll keep us all up to date with all of the exciting changes happening, and all the updates on the new location.  You can also follow them to keep an eye on the different events they have going on.  For instance, every weekend Myriad has a food truck or two that stops by at different times so you can enjoy some food with your beer.
Congratulations on the new location Myriad!

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