The riots and looting over the past week has brought up a lot of different emotions for all of us. For me personally, it's hard to hear people chanting that officers should die or spray painting words that should never be repeated. My husband has been in law enforcement his entire career, and he doesn't deserve to be lumped into the bad officer stereotype. The same can be said for every police officer that I know. We have a lot of brave men and women serving our community, and willing to give up their own life to save others.

I believe that George Floyd and his family deserve justice. What happened to him is a crime, and the officers that didn't try to help or stop the violence should be punished too. I can't imagine being one of his family members and seeing the footage of his murder on every newscast.

My heart absolutely breaks for all of the damage that was done to businesses in Louisville. Fourth Street is hands down one of my favorite places to visit. That's where Guy Fieri's Smokehouse is, and if you've met me, you know how important that is. I'm so sad for all of the business owners that are losing money because peaceful protests turned into violent riots.

Usually, I don't pay a lot of attention to rumors on social media, but all of the speculation about something similar happening here in Downtown Evansville has me on edge. The Evansville Police Department did release a short statement to address the rumors.

We are receiving inquiries about potential businesses and locations that may be targeted. Please know that we are monitoring any perceived threats. Continue shopping. If you see something say something.

Chief Billy Bolin also addressed our concerns on her personal page.

Dear Community,


We are seeing a lot of posts about riots, buses coming from other cities, looting, etc. We don't have any confirmation of any of these things. We're seeing a lot of speculation and "I heard from a (friend, spouse, relative) of a police officer that......" Please know that we are planning for numerous scenarios, this doesn't mean these scenarios will happen. My philosophy is plan for the worst and hope for the best. Please continue to notify us as you hear things, but don't panic.



Photo_Mallory Jordan @maljothegreat
Photo_Mallory Jordan @maljothegreat

So, let's just pray for the peaceful protests, and a solution to all of this, so kids like Dallas won't have to go through this. I reached out to his mom, Randi Marie, and this is what she had to say, "I just felt that I wouldn't be doing my job as a single black woman who is proud, if I excluded my son from such a significant movement. Him and his siblings knowing about their heritage and the struggle our people face ever day–the hardships we endure EVERY DAY–is one of the most important lessons I can impart in them! I am a mother of 3 boys and they need to know this happens to often and just know how to deal with it! Dallas who is pictured is 3 going on 4! He is beyond smart, when he is interested he listens and he wants to be apart of whatever it is that catches his eye. He did just that! I didn't ask him to kneel he asked me of he could and I said yes and explained to him what it meant as best as I could for him to understand!!"

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