Starbucks has made changes to their dress code policy to allow their employees to wear Black Lives Matter t-shirts and pins. The company policy prohibits employees from wearing shirts with print on them, unless of course they are shirts provided by the company. After a great deal of backlash from the public, the company is now rolling back that policy to allow employees to wear their BLM apparel until the new company approved and provided shirts arrive.

In a recent post to the Starbucks Partners Facebook page - a page dedicated to their employees - the company says that they have heard the voices of their partners and that they support their "standing up for justice." Starbucks has worked with their "Black Partner Network" to design a shirt that will be distributed to all of their partners across the Unites States and Canada as a show of solidarity. They went on to say,

Until these arrive, we’ve heard you want to show your support, so just be you. Wear your BLM pin or t-shirt. We are so proud of your passionate support of our common humanity. We trust you to do what’s right while never forgetting Starbucks is a welcoming third place where all are treated with dignity and respect.

We don't know how soon we will be seeing the new t-shirts on our Starbucks baristas but until then, they will be allowed to wear their own Black Lives Matter apparel.

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