When It comes to caves, I am all in. I love them. Well, unless they are very small caves that I have to crawl into and out of, don't like those. Last year, I came across a huge cave in the middle of 107 acres of beautiful hills and woods in Eastern Kentucky. That was a cave after my own heart.

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My Love Of Caves

The Netflix series that I keep trying to get my friends to watch, even though they don't like subtitles, is Dark. It's a German show with dubbing or subtitles. But, it doesn't matter the show is amazing. The entire plot surrounds a cave entrance and the tunnels that are inside. Oh, and time travel and alternate realities. Once I saw the cave, I was hooked.

Massive Cave Was Once For Sale

Many of my neighbors, on the hills surrounding the valley I live in, have small caves on their property. But, nothing liked this cave. In my search for unique homes in Kentucky, I came across this enormous cave, hidden in the woods. Take a look!

Massive Cave Hidden In Kentucky Woods Is Up For Sale and It's Amazing

I Want This Cave

At the time, I wrote the article, a little over a year ago, the cave, the land, and the creek front was for sale. I wished I had the money to buy it myself. My very own cave. I would love that so much. The potential for the land is endless.

Did Somebody Buy It?

The cave has been taken off of the market, so it looks like it has been sold. Maybe it will be part of a new resort spot, or maybe someone bought it for themselves like I wanted to. I'll try to find out and keep you posted.

Halloween Party, Anyone?

Hopefully, someone bought the cave that wants to hold a huge Halloween party. They now have the perfect spot.

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