It seems that a busted drug dealer's shoe collection will soon be on the feet of local school kids. 

A clothing bank ran by the Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation received a large donation of high-end shoes that were once the property of a local drug dealer. The shoe collection, valued around $12,000, was seized two years ago when the unnamed drug dealer was busted by local authorities.

Normally, property that is seized during drug raids goes on the auction block. But the Department of Justice's 'Operation Goodwill' decided to give away the property.

Most of the shoes range from sizes 12 to 14, and would have been hard to auction off. However, the clothing bank at Washington Middle School says there is a need for shoes of that size.

The clothing bank helps students of the EVSC through out the year. They say the donation will help fill some bare shelves in the clothing bank, which is seeing a rush during the holiday season.

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