There is no doubt that the coronoavirus is taking its toll on many. Even those who have not been infected by the virus are feeling the emotional effects of living in whatever weird, dystopian reality we've found ourselves in. In fact, just today Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke released a statement encouraging the community to continue being vigilant with their mask wearing and social distancing as the cases have seen a sharp increase in recent days.

One downtown bar has released a statement of their own regarding the current increase in positive Covid-19 cases and the lack of masks being worn by late-night patrons. The Peephole Bar & Grill said on their Facebook page,

Due to the rising covid positivity rates all around us, and the inability of too many of our late night weekend guests to respect the covid prevention measures I have in place for the benefit of ALL, as well as the verbal abuse towards my employees, we will be closing at midnight on Friday and Saturdays until further notice.
Congratulations idiots you are making the case for bars to get totally shut down again. Mask up when you are not seated or stay out of my bar.
So as the number continue to climb and people in our community are growing lax with their mask-wearing and social distancing, it's nice to know that some of our local businesses are more concerned with the  well-being of the greater-good. Peephole Bar & Grill will be closing at midnight on Friday & Saturday nights for the immediate future.
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