Bullie Nation, a local foster based animal rescue, is selling laundry detergent &fabric softeners to raise funds to provide for the animals in their care. You can buy your favorite brand detergent and help this rescue!


BULLIE Nation Rescue is selling 5-gallon buckets of liquid laundry detergents and fabric softeners. These buckets are $45 each - that’s $.07 per ounce!!! The same amount of detergent at retail price would be $.12 per ounce or $77! This means a savings of $32! A 5-gallon bucket of Tide will wash 350 loads of laundry and one bucket will last an average household of 4 for at least 3 months. Each bucket comes with a handle and a pump for easy dispensing, which means no messy pouring or spills. Bullie Nation has Tide Original, Tide Original HE, Tide Lavender, Tide Lavender HE, Tide w/Downy, Tide w/ Downy HE, Tide Free and Clear; Gain Original, Gain Original HE, Gain Mango Tango, Gain Mango Tango HE; Gain Original Fabric Softener, Gain Mango Tango Fabric Softener, Downy April Fresh and Downy Lavender.

Orders and payment are due by November 30th. The orders should arrive on or before December 7th. If you have any questions or would like to order, please email bnrfundraisers@gmail.com. Check and Paypal will be accepted.

More details available here