I don't know the exact point when everyone went crazy for dinosaurs, but for my generation, it happened with Jurassic Park in 1993. The bells and whistles and technology at the time to bring the prehistoric creatures to life were revolutionary. That technology in part is now on display with Dino Quest which will begin this Saturday at the Louisville Zoo.

Dino Quest is made up of robotic dinosaurs from the DinoDon company, the world's leading manufacturer of scientifically accurate full-size robotic animals. 19 moving and breathing full-size dinosaurs are in the exhibit. Check it out!

The Dino Quest exhibit at the Louisville Zoo will begin this Saturday, June 26th, and will be on display through Sunday, September 19th. The exhibit is FREE with zoo admission. So Triceratops, T-Rex, Velociraptor, Oviraptor, which one are you excited to see? Here is a list of all the dinos part of Dino Quest.

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Dinosaurs roamed the earth during the Mesozoic Era and dominated the land for more than 100 million years. Dinosaurs first evolved 245 million years ago during the Triassic Period, and roamed the earth until the Cretaceous Period which ended 65 million years ago. Most of the dinosaurs featured at the Zoo are from the Jurassic Period (200 – 145 million years ago) or the Cretaceous Period (145 – 65 million years ago).

The zoo has been planning for the Dino Quest since earlier this year as a way to bring in more visitors after a year of COVID-19 impacts. You can buy advanced tickets online HERE.

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