Dani has been waiting for a forever home for 896 days. Do you have room in your home for this beautiful girl?

Allison Cain-Duce

This one just breaks my heart. Nearly 900 days Dani has waited for someone to decide she is worthy of a soft bed and the love of a family. She is approximately 50 pounds and came into the shelter on August 7, 2014. Here is what PC Pound Puppies have to say about Dani:

To Dani’s Future Family,
Dani has been waiting for you for 896 days. In human years, that’s a long time. In dog years, it’s even longer. She has experienced two birthdays without a family. She waits patiently for that special someone to see what a great friend she can be. She will play ball with you, and go on long walks with you. She will play with your children and being with you will be the most heavenly experience she will ever have. Her only fault is that she is not fond of dogs or cats, although casual contact is with dogs is alright. She is a youthful 4 yrs old. She has been sponsored so she will come with a bag of food and several months of flea and heartworm meds. She hopes you will come soon so she can have all of these experiences before she is too old to enjoy them. If you are reading this, please tell her family she is ready to go home.


You can begin the adoption process by applying now with PC Pound Puppies.

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