Daisy is just over 5 years old and weighs about 52 pounds. Here's what PC Pound Puppies have to say about Daisy:

Daisy is as beautiful as the flower she takes her name from. While Coonhounds tend to be quite active, Daisy appears to be much more laid back. She is a low energy girl and we think she would enjoy soaking up your attention once she is in a home. Daisy tends to be a bit nervous at our adoption events, but spend just a few minutes with her away from the other dogs and she will show you her sweet side. She walks nicely on the leash but will pull when she is nervous.
Her foster mom gives her many kudos: She is really a good dog. She loves to snuggle, gets along with other dogs and has no food aggression. She likes to run around outside just a little while then comes right back in (I don’t think she likes the cold). She is not a barker, I’ve yet to hear her. She is working on housetraining with much success. She likes her indoor kennel.

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