Halloween 2015 is right around the corner my heathen friends! Here's a couple of spooky flicks to pick up and enjoy on All Hallows' Eve while you're stuffing candy down your gullets.

I love all movies scary, gory, creepy and twisted. The weirder and darker the better. I seek thrills and chills, and often I'm let down by the plethora of "horror" movies available today. I think The Exorcist is still the cream of the crop, one of the craziest and scary horror movies that I've ever seen. The things that come out of that little girl Regan's possessed mouth...holy mother of shit. There are quite a few other horror movies that have a special place in my heart, but so far, nothing can surpass The Exorcist. The Evil Dead remake probably falls second in place for me. When Mia cuts her tongue and suggests something highly, uhh, sexual to her brother, creeps me out big time. I shudder. Visually stunning.

I'm not including many of my favorites in this super short list, just a few. I'm leaving out Rob Zombie's gems, and many other classics, including the painfully delightful Teeth. Below are just a few I've enjoyed, and think most horror fans would be better off seeing than not.

1. EXCISION (2012)

This film is short and furious. AnnaLynne McCord is a force as an unattractive high school outcast that is obsessed with fantasies of performing graphic surgery. This film makes you laugh, makes you cry, and fills with you dread. There is no happy ending, only an amazing ending that will resonate to your core. Richard Bates Jr. packed a mean punch with this little known jewel he helmed. His vision is something that can't be unseen.


I just recently watched this one. It has been on my Netflix list for months and I kept passing it over, figuring it would ultimately suck. A horror movie about an Alzheimer patient, that could be possessed. Hmm, sounds like real shit. But I finally watched it and was pleasantly surprised. I didn't expect anything from this film, and I was rewarded with a creep show that held my interest all the way to the end. It's one of those movies, like All the Boys Love Mandy Lane that seems generic and many people would assume will be about as enjoyable as eating expired mac and cheese out of the box or watching SNL hoping for a joke. And then both films end up exceeding expectations. There are some parts in this movie that will put knots of terror in your stomach, which is an excellent feeling.

3. THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE TRILOGY (2009, 2011, 2015)

Holy shit, literally! I LOVE these movies. Each one is different, and terribly disturbing. They are cult classics and you will either love or hate them. What Tom Six did with these movies is create some of the most disgusting and strange horror to date with no limits. I couldn't wait to watch the final sequence...chomping at the bit, unlike many of the characters when their bits were being attached to the rear ends of someone else. After I watched it and digested the chaotic mess of a movie I'd just witnessed, a sadness befell me as I realized this was it, the last movie in the series. Why can't there be like 14 Human Centipede movies!?? I'd watch these movies until my eyeballs blow right the F out of my sockets, even if they made one in space (and those are always awful)! If Tom Six's films are a little too much for you to handle and you need to take it down a notch, try Kevin Smith's horror movie Tusk. Watching man become walrus is quite entertaining as well. Arrr Arrr!

What do you guys and ghouls think? Have you seen these movies? Is there anything out there more disgusting than any of the three Human Centipede installments (excluding Steven Seagal movies...buhhhlahhh)?


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