If you have ever been driving through your neighborhood and noticed a home with a porch light in a color other than the standard yellow/white light, you may have wondered what in the world it could mean. It turns out, that your neighbor might be using a light bulb to make a statement.

We Aren't Talking About the "Red Light District"

We are all familiar with the infamous "red light district" and what the red light bulbs there indicate. That's not what we're talking about here though. We are going to be taking a look at what it means when a Tennessee home has chosen to change its front porch light.

Personalizing a Porch Light

Whether it's a green light, a blue light, a purple light, or even an orange light, you can keep scrolling to find the meaning behind a person's choice of porch light color.

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Colored Lights for Support and Awareness

Whether it is a show of support, or a call to raise awareness, keep scrolling to learn the meaning between six different light bulb colors and what it means if you notice one on a home in Tennessee.

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Keep an Eye Out for Flashing Porch Lights Too

Regardless of the color of the light bulb, we will even dive into what it means if you spot a flashing porch light and how you should handle the situation.

Spot a Colored Porch Light? Here's What It Means

If you have ever seen a colored porch light and wondered what in the world it meant, we've got the answer. There are many reasons someone might install a colored light bulb on their porch, and when you learn why, you might find yourself ready to switch yours out too.

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Now that you know the meaning behind these six colored light bulbs, will you be trading out your traditional bulb on your home?

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