Brood X is the name given to the group of cicadas that are expected to immerge from the ground after a hefty seventeen year slumber. Frankly, I'm a little jealous of that kind of hibernation but that's another story.

These cicadas, or Brood X, is expected to unearth themselves by the thousands across a good chunk of the central, eastern and even a few southern parts of the United States - including here in Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois.

Not only are these things winged little beasts going to be converging on a large part of the country, but they bring out their predators - you know things that like to eat them like danger noodles. Nope Ropes. Sneks... Snakes. I'm talking about snakes, specifically one rather dangerous and venomous snake - the copperhead. You could actually find some of these slithery tubes of nope right in your own backyard looking to snack on some crispy cicadas. It turns out, copperheads have a taste for cicadas and Brood X will be like an all-you-can-eat buffet.

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Copperheads aren't the only creature that likes to snack on cicadas. Most domestic animals that spend any time outdoors are likely to encounter Brood X and as with most animals, if it moves, buzzes or flies, your dog - or cat - is probably going to try to eat it. But is it safe? According to the Pet Poison Helpline - a 24-hour pet poison control - cicadas do not bite or sting and pose no real threat to our pets. They may however cause a tummy ache if fluffy or fido munches on one since their exoskeletons can be a little more difficult to digest, according to the Pet Poison Helpline.

So while a cicada isn't going to be the most healthy snack for your dog or cat, it isn't dangerous. In fact, humans can (and do) eat cicadas. I really wish I were making that last part up but in case you feel like putting your cicada culinary skills to the test, you can find out how to cook a cicada here. Otherwise, I highly recommend earplugs because those little critters are going to be crawling out of the ground any day now.

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