Here are some ways to stay toasty this season.

1. Onesies.

Comfortable. Fashionable (debatable). Warm. You can wear as many layers as you want underneath them. I wore my Chewbacca onesie to the The Last Jedi midnight premiere because I thought "Hey, if I'm going to fall asleep during this movie (I did not) I at least want to be warm and comfortable."


Layers are your friends. Don't just pop on a long sleeved shirt and coat and think you're protected! Tank top first, then long sleeved shirt, then short sleeved shirt on top of that, then a loose flannel, THEN the coat. And then maybe a scarf. And then gloves. And then fingerless gloves on top of that. Maybe some regular socks and then fuzzy socks on top of that...

This fashion trend is how I'm surviving this week.

3. Home cooked meals.

Cook something slow over on the stove. And then just stand there while it cooks. A watched pot never boils, but a watched stove that's turned on keeps you warm. Let that soup boil a little too long. Let that steam clear your pores and keep you warm.

4. Pets

Cuddle the hell out of them. They are tiny little heaters and a small part of you knows that this is exactly why you adopted them: to use them for their warmth.

5. Heated blankets and eco-friendly space heaters.

Turn on your heated blanket an hour before you get into bed and then when you're ready for bed, turn it off (don't want you burning up in the night) and dive under those comfortable sheets of warm bed dough.

Eco-friendly space heaters pointed at your bed work too. I say eco-friendly because they can sense the temperature in the room and automatically turn on and off depending on the temperature of the room and what you've set the heater on. So you're not freezing, and then burning up, and then freezing, and then burning up all night.


What are some ways that you're staying warm this season?

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