Chevy is a big boy at 58 pounds and he came from what you might call a rough situation but this 8 year old boy is doing incredibly well in his foster home. Here's what PC Pound Puppies shared from Chevy's foster mom:

Chevy is a good boy! (I'm not sure he knows his name, though). He's supposed to be 9 years old, but he plays like a puppy. He loves to play fetch with balls and squeaky toys. He's medium energy. Loves to go on walks, but likes napping too. He will sit for treats. He loves belly rubs. He is strong, so an easy walk harness works great for him. He is kennel trained. In the past it is said he spent most of his time in a kennel, but even with that past, he's a good boy about going in, although you can see in his big brown eyes he'd rather not. He doesn't really have to be kept in a kennel at night. (He does great for us in a gated medium sized kitchen during the night). He is an escape artist, so he needs a secure fenced yard. He loves to be around his people, not out in the yard by himself. He gets along with older kids, younger kids, and cats. (As long as the cats don't run). He was around other dogs in the past, and I think he would love a dog to play with, as long as he can be the dominant one. He does not like baths. He's wary of the vacuum, broom and loud noises; just seeing a toy gun sends him running to hide.

If you're interested in adding Chevy to your family, you can fill out an adoption application here. See more adoptable dogs from PC Pound Puppies here and be sure to follow them on Facebook for the latest news and upcoming events. You can also attend their weekly adoption events on Sundays from noon to 3pm at the Pet Food Center on First Avenue in Evansville. 

You can get in touch with PC Pound Puppies by email at or by phone at 812-483-4341. They do respond to inquiries and adoption applications at the earliest opportunity, but please remember to be be patient as they are volunteers who all work full-time jobs. They always do their best to return messages and schedule adoption interviews within a couple of days of receiving your application. Again, you can submit an application here.

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