Picture this. You're on the operating table unaware of what's going on with a doctor getting ready to dive in with some pretty scary instruments. That's just the beginning of Chevelle's new video for "Door to Door Cannibals," which serves as some sort of asylum nightmare for Pete Loeffler and his bandmates.

The clip follows the singer as he escapes the operating table into a corridor with each room featuring increasingly horrifying visions of patients at said asylum. He eventually arrives in a recreation room with other inmates with two security members hot on his heels and leads an uprising that frees his brother Sam Loeffler as well as Chevelle bassist Dean Bernardini and the three band members head toward the light to supposed freedom, but is it?

Drummer Sam Loeffler told Bloody Disgusting, who premiered the video, "Pete, Dean and I wanted to do a sort of 'nightmare/horror' type video for 'Door to Door Cannibals,' so we spent some time brainstorming and kicked around the idea of a mental/experimental hospital we find ourselves in and can’t wake up from. We thought it could be killer if we added some messed up elements that would make Pete freakout and question reality on his way looking for an escape, including a few open doorways with questionable events going on inside. I think we achieved a grittiness that created a sense of urgency but still left us with a little bit of creepy tongue-in-cheek style that some horror films are known for."

Chevelle are currently supporting their most recent album, The North Corridor. "Door to Door Cannibals" is the second single off the disc, and you can look for the band to include it on their upcoming tour dates. See where the band is playing at this location.

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