I have been smoking Marlboro lights since I was 18. As I got older I started smoking more and more. I turned 21 and going out all the time (back when you could smoke in bars) I smoked twice as much while drinking. Recently, I have decided to quit the bad nasty habit. This will be my second time trying to stop smoking. My first time obviously didn't take and I started right back up! I am now to the point in my life where I really do not want to smoke anymore.

Many reasons for my decision to stop smoking, here are 3 of my major reasons:

1. It is very very expensive and they are getting ready to go up another $1. I just recently bought a new car, and my payment is a little higher than I wanted. Quitting would pay for my car a month.

2. It stinks. We didn't smoke in our house but our clothes still reek of smoke. Now that I haven't had a cigarette in a week I smell it everywhere!

3. I'm not getting any younger. I will be getting married next May and soon be starting my family I don't want my kids to pick up bad habits. And of course it is bad for you.

My fiancee, Derek, is quitting with me!! This made me extremely happy when he decided he wanted to quit too. We went in to the E-Cig Source, a place where they sell just electronic cigarettes on 2nd Street in Henderson. I was very leery of these electronic cigs because I had tried them before and it didn't work. We went in and the guy that helped us was very nice and had been a smoker too until he started using the E-Cig. He told us that we would still have cravings but to use the E-Cig like a pacifier for the first week and then our cravings would slowly stop.


I smoked my last cigarette at 8:45am Monday morning and I have not had one since. The guy at the E-Cig shop was right, Tuesday my cravings were out of control, but I kept my E-Cig in my hand the entire day and became very determined to not go next store to the smoke shop to get a pack of cigs. (I work next to a smoke shop) I also work in a 2 person office and my co-worker smokes, so it has been a very challenging week. As of now the smell of smoke makes me literally sick, which makes me really happy!!!!

Tomorrow will be a week of no smoking and I am one very proud girl!! I have also inspired my co-worker to look into getting one too.

If you are trying to stop smoking my advice to you is to buy a legit electronic cig, do not get a cheap one because they DO NOT work! Spend the little extra to stop if you are really serious about tossing the habit!!

I will continue blogging about my experience in using the E-Cig in weeks to come - Stay Tuned!

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