Update on how I'm doing on my electronic cigarette:

I have been smoking my E-Cig for a month now. Since then I have had a couple cigarettes but they honestly tasted completely nasty. When I was having a couple beers at a friend's house is when I had the cravings the most. When I lit it up - it seriously took me back to when I had my first cigarette ever. It wasn't a good feeling my throat hurt, I felt really sick, and my acid reflux started up again. Now I know that, I never want to pick up a "Cancer sticks" as my mom would call them.

I have seen more and more of the e-cig shops pop up all over the tri-state and they are beginning to sell more and more of them in smoke shops. I have also noticed on my Facebook a lot of my friends are switching to this approach instead of smoking cigarettes.


I am very proud of everyone that has chosen to quit smoking cigarettes and switch to vaping!

This approach to quitting isn't actually quitting but it is a step in the right direction! I will eventually knock down my nicotine level to where I can quit my e-cig too.

They have done some studies on these e-cigs but the long term effects are unknown because they have only been out for a few years, but I can honestly say I feel a lot better than what I did before. I am not putting as many chemicals in my body as I was when I was smoking cigarettes. My co-worker even said she could smell my laundry detergent and that she had never been able to smell that before! How awesome is that!!! It made me feel really good about what I was doing!

You can see my previous blog on my journey to kick the habit here.


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