With the popularity of the Netflix series, Life After Death with Tyler Henry, many viewers have been so amazed at his readings, that they have started to believe that communicating with those in the hereafter might be possible.

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Tyler claims that he realized he could communicate with the dead as a child. I have to admit, that some of his readings are pretty incredible. Take a look at the trailer.

As I was watching, I found myself trying to find a crack in the performance. By that I mean, ways he might have been coercing information out of the reading participants in order to get pieces of their stories he would have no way of knowing.

Is Tyler, and others like him, just incredible listeners that pick on verbal clues and then lead conversations in a way that seems as if they are being told things by the dead loved ones? Or, is there a possibility that some people can actually tap into another dimension of being and deliver answers for us from beyond our own reality?

What do experts have to say about the ability to talk to the dead and get answers?

The website Live Science sees it like this,

Despite more than a century of research, science has yet to validate the afterlife, ghosts, or psychic powers. Of course, speaking to the dead requires no special skill or ability; it's getting a response that's the hard part.

But, just because there is no evidence, doesn't mean that the ability, for some, to communicate with the dead is not real. Just because we don't understand or can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there in front of us. Anything is possible.


My experience with a medium

Once, while promoting a psychic that was going to be in town, I agreed to let her do a reading on me. I have to tell you that what she told me blew my mind. Keep in mind, that even though I love the paranormal, spirits, and ghosts, I was still very skeptical. I just knew she had to be a fake and I was ready to prove it.

But, I was willing to keep an open mind if she proved she was legit. I knew if she had a hard road ahead of her because we were on the phone. She wouldn't be able to see my facial reactions to her revelations.

As she began to talk, I gave her no context clues for which to build a story around. I just listened and said nothing. What she told me, she could not have found on social media. The information was a part of my family history, but nothing anyone, especially a stranger, would ever know or be able to research.

She mentioned a woman and two men, then described the personalities of three of my grandparents to a tee. She even shared with me a big family secret that she had no way of knowing. I didn't even know about it until after the reading when I asked my mom about the details and if it was true. She confirmed the story told to me by the medium.

Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan

The medium delivered a message from my deceased grandfather that only I would know the true meaning of and it took my breath away.

I'll never forget that day and the medium that brought peace to my restless and anxious soul. I'm getting teary-eyed just retelling the story of what happened that day on a call from Boston to the WKDQ studios in Evansville. It was crazy and unexpected, but an amazing feeling. The experience made my faith deeper.

Talking with the medium gave me peace in the thought of death.

This is an amazing Ted Talk about death and the afterlife.

If we do see our loved ones when we are dying, maybe others, even those not dying, can see our loved ones, too. Anything is possible.

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