Caleb is a very special boy who is facing adversity. Don't let Caleb's physical deformity fool you - he's a great dog!  Here's what PC Pound Puppies have to say about Caleb:

Caleb has 3 strikes against him. He's a rescue dog. He's black. And he has a physical deformity. None of that should matter! We think rescue dogs make THE very best pets! They are genuinely grateful for the love you shower them with. Black dogs are EXACTLY like every other dog. Their color, alone, does not make them different from other dogs, although we do think black goes with EVERYTHING, and is a huge benefit! And Caleb's lip deformity is a non issue. It does not slow him down in any way. It just adds to his character. Caleb is approximately 2 yrs old and just under 50 lbs.

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