Attention, Burger King locations in the Tristate area. Yes! I am talking to the ones specifically here in Kentucky and Indiana. I am going to need you to step up your game immediately.

Now, look! I am already a Burger King fan. I rank the Whopper right up there with any burger in the fast food world. Honestly, you could "flame grill" virtually anything and I would probably love it. But the Whopper is pretty amazing- though I always ask them the Burger kings and queens to hold the ketchup, mayo and pickles. I am just a "tomatoes, crisp lettuce and sliced white onions" kinda guy.

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I also love me some Burger King onion rings to go with that Whopper. Please and thank you!

But as tasty as Burger King is, I am going to need a location like this one within driving distance of western Kentucky. Did you know there's a Burger King with a roller coaster on top of it???

There is! It's in Canada. Niagra Falls in Ontario. That's where you'll find the House of Frankenstein's Frank' N Coaster, which happens to sit on top of a freaking Burger King!That's precisely why coaster enthusiasts around the world refer to it as the Burger King Roller Coaster. Take a look! It's epic.

While it doesn't look particularly scary, the roller coaster certainly has some "novelty" appeal. I love roller coasters just as much as I love a good burger so I would tackle this just to say that I've done it.

Here's a really good look at the coaster and what folks this about it!


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