It is a ridiculous conversation to have, especially for two grown (kinda) men. Here’s the topic – if you could pick one animal to have human-like intelligence and the ability to speak, which animal would you pick and why?

It makes we think of discussions/arguments that kids have about who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman (it would totally be Superman btw). It may sound childish, but it’s something that guys tend to do. Look at sports talk shows – that is one of their go-to tactics to start a discussion.

Now back to our debate. The topic alone is not what makes this completely insane – the fact that we really thought about and prepared reasons and rebuttals is what puts it over the top. There was even quite a bit of discussion beforehand about the guidelines and rules for this topic, and a further explanation about the animals in question. Completely absurd to go into such detail about a totally hypothetical situation that would never ever, ever, ever happen in real life. Yet here we are.

Watch the video and tell us if you agree with Bobby or Sandman, or better yet, tell us which animal you would like to converse with.

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