I wasn’t planning on writing about this today, I really wasn’t – but I just couldn’t resist once I encountered the mess left in our kitchen. This is just an ongoing example of how lazy, and dare I say inconsiderate, people are here at the station. Do you work with people like this too?

So yesterday I wrote about, and shot a video about our wimpy paper towel dispenser. I would not consider that a pet peeve – that is more of a silly little annoyance that I thought might get a chuckle. This coffee situation, however, is most definitely a pet peeve of mine. And this encompasses a couple different coffee-related situations…leaving a pot that is empty or has less than a cup in it, and walking away from an obvious mess (whether you made it or not). The video below documents the latter.

It appears to me that the mess was made by someone who was either, impatient, lazy, incompetent, or all three. Regardless of how the mess happened, the fact that someone (or several someones) just walked away from it is what bothers me the most. While this is definitely an extreme example – one of the biggest pools of coffee I’ve in all my years – it is NOT a rare occasion. It seems like I find myself cleaning up someone else’s mess almost daily, or at least several times a week.

Now please don’t think I’m writing this because I’m some neat freak. No, no, no. My desk and office are as cluttered as the next guy, but I just can’t imagine making a mess, or finding one, and not taking 60 seconds to clean it up. Am I wrong? Would you clean up someone else’s mess? Do work with people that are this lazy?

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