If everything goes according to plan, Indiana's Myriad Brewing Company will be opening the doors to their new location in Warrick County, and they will be serving more than just beer.

An Evansville Staple Since 2018

Myriad Brewing Company first opened its doors in Downtown Evansville in November 2018. Since that time they have hosted countless events and served up thousands of pints of locally crafted beers. Located at 101 Southeast First Street, they have a dozen brews on tap.

Beer taps in a pub

Expanding To Warrick County

Not quite three years after opening in Evansville, Myriad made the announcement in August 2021 that they would be expanding with a new location in Warrick County, Indiana. The new taphouse will be located at 8245 High Pointe Drive in Newburgh.

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Brewing More Than Just Beer

Myriad Brewing Company will brew more than just beer at their Warrick County taphouse. Aside from the microbrews on tap, you will soon be able to enjoy a cup of fresh java as the new taphouse will also feature a new coffee bar too.

Hand barista pouring milk on coffee latte flower shape in cup

Construction Underway

Construction has been underway on the new taphouse location for several months. Today, Myriad Brewing Company shared an update to social media with the exciting news that the parking lot has been paved with fresh asphalt.

...we have pavement! If everything else goes right, we’ll open sometime next week. Stay tuned!

Coming Soon

Based on their latest social media posts, it looks like we can potentially expect Myriad Brewing Company to open the doors of their new taphouse the week of May 16, 2022. One thing is for sure, we are excited for them to be up and running and are looking forward to visiting our friends at Myriad soon.

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