Bobby & Sandman Debate
It is a ridiculous conversation to have, especially for two grown (kinda) men. Here’s the topic – if you could pick one animal to have human-like intelligence and the ability to speak, which animal would you pick and why?
You Are Invited to a Wedding…Today On 103GBF!
This wedding you don't have to dress up for and you don't have to bring a gift. All you have to do is tune in to 103GBF this afternoon sometime between 2 and 3-ish and listen. The time is a bit vague because of all of the moving parts, but we'll try to tie the knot between 2 and 3...
103GBF Live At Complete Nutrition On Saturday Noon-2pm
I'll be out at Eastland Mall on Saturday, broadcating live from Complete Nutrition, which is in the Dillard's wing of the mall.  I'll be live noon til 2,but all day on Saturday Complete Nutrition is offering a Buy 1 get 1 Free sale, plus huge discounts all day long...
Sandman at Wendy’s at 8 a.m. on Black Friday
On one of the craziest days of the year, I'll be in the midst of the madness Friday morning, broadcasting live from the Wendy's location on Green River Road in front of Eastland Mall. Here's what's going on...
The “W”
Introducing Wendy’s …
College Football At Main Gate Sports Bar
This Saturday night, join 103GBF and Coors Light for the best college football action at Main Gate Sports Bar in downtown Evansville. Sandman will be there broadcasting live from 5p-7p. You can get $10 buckets of Coors Light...some delicious grub from Main Gate's menu...
Final Feed Me Friday of 2011
Today at noon we will be the final Pizza King Feed Me Friday of the year. Sandman and Chynna will take the Hummer and 103 FREE Pizza King stromboli's to Northside Liquor.
College Days at Frontier Liquor
Come celebrate College Days this weekend at the westside Frontier Liquor location on Red Bank Road. We will be out there broadcasting live on Friday (5p-7p) and Saturday (4p-6p)...and there will be plenty of stuff happening both days.

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