Your BBB® has learned of a new scam on the block. This time around it is Gmail users that are being targeted. Here is what you need to know and look for.

This email phishing scam is a little on the scarier side due to the fact that it is even fooling some very high tech people.

According to security expert Mark Maunder, the CEO of a WordPress security plugin called Wordfence, “the hacker will first send you an email that includes an attachment. When you click on it, you’re directed to what looks like a Gmail login page”

This phishing scam is so tricky because the email can possibly look like it is from someone you know, maybe even your bestie!

EVERYTHING about the google sign in page is looks authentic, its downright scary. But, there is one trick! If you are a Gmail user be sure to check the address bar to make sure the URL is an actual one, because once you sign in there is no going back and your account will be compromised! Checking the address bar seems to be one of the only ways to catch this slick scam.

Click here to learn more and see what the page looks like.

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