If I go out of town and I'm looking for a place to eat, I always check sites like Yelp to help me decide where to go. It can be really helpful when you're in a new town to make sure you go to a place that's worth your time.  Now I know Yelp isn't the end all, be all of restaurants, but sometimes they can really help you pick out a good place to grab some grub.

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Until now, I've never checked the Yelp reviews of restaurants in Evansville, but it got me wondering, which places are the best around town?  We have so many amazing and delicious restaurants around Evansville, but which ones rank highest per Yelp? Let's dig in and see!

Now please remember this list is not my personal opinion. I went to Yelp and set the parameters for Evansville, any style cuisine, any price point, and sorted it by highest rated, this is what Yelp showed me.

Top Evansville Restaurants According to Yelp

Here's the Evansville restaurants that were rated highly on Yelp.


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