Local electronic aficionados can breathe a sigh of relief, the Evansville Best Buy will be spared from a round of store closings. 

The announcement follows a previous one made on March 29th, in which the company announced it was shuttering 50 locations across the country. Its a move being made to restructure the struggling electronics retailer.

The store has been losing ground to online shopping, and failed to pick up the business that Circuit City lost when it closed its stores back in 2009 which now only exists in an online format.

While camping out for the latest gaming system can be fun, most shoppers are only using the store as a showroom for products they will later buy online from retailers like Amazon.com.

The last time I found myself in a Best Buy, they were sold out of the item I was looking for. So my sale when to an online retailer.

I had a bit more luck at the Best Buy Mobile store in the mall. And apparently I wasn't alone, because the company is looking to expand their Mobile stores as they look to downsize their 'big box' locations.

Best of luck to Best Buy. If I had a suggestion, don't carry only one or two of your sale items in hopes of up-selling to a higher priced device. And maybe you could actually honor the warranty you try to shove down your customer's throat. I have had a bad experience with both.

While I'm making suggestions, paying your employees more might motivate them a little more to learn about the devices they're trying to sell.

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