Ever wanted to be a spy, or live a life of espionage? You can get a taste of that this weekend during "Super Saturday" at the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science.

The fourth Saturday of each month is deemed "Super" by the folks at the museum. What's so 'Super' about these Saturdays? Well, it's a day when children and adults can come and participate in activities, crafts and unique learning experiences tied in to a certain exhibit at the museum. This month's theme is "Codes & Spies" and is all about the new Codebreakers exhibit. The activities include

  • Laser Grid: Step into a scene straight from the big screen and try to sneak your way through the “security lasers” without setting off the alarms.
  • Super Spy Scavenger Hunt: Do you have the skills to find the hidden intel?
  • Research and Development: Here's your chance to design and build your own spy gadgets in the R&D lab.
  • Deep Cover: You'll need a disguise and a believable cover story in order to stay undetected behind enemy lines.
  • Your Eyes Only: Learn how to keep your valuable information out of the hands of the enemy.
  • Encryption: Break the code - break the case!

Super Saturday is from 11am-4pm and there is no additional fee for these activities - everything is included in your normal museum admission. And this month's Super Saturday is presented in partnership with the Evansville Museum Contemporaries.

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