Perhaps you are already an astronomy enthusiast, or maybe it's something you'd like to learn more about. Either way, you're invited to be a part of Astronomy Day, this Saturday at the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science.

Astronomy Day is from 11am-4pm and is open to folks of all ages. And with the help of knowledgeable volunteers, you can observe, learn, discover and explore all that astronomy has to offer. Daytime activities at the Museum include a "mini" astronomy exhibition, a meteorite display, a telescope display, a chance to make your own comet, and the opportunity to look at the sun through a solar telescope. Astronomy Day activities are free with Museum Admission. In addition, five Koch Immersive Theater presentations will be offered at a special, one-day only price of $3 per person.

Astronomy Day continues into the evening with events starting at 7pm at Audubon State Park in Henderson, KY. These events include a lecture by retired astronomer Joe Caruso. Following the lecture, the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and the stars will be targets for telescopes and public viewing at the golf course.

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