I guess the device formerly known as the "Phantom" cam is now referred to as the X-Cam. Okay. Whatever it's called, it still provides some of the coolest images from any given UFC event.

The high-speed, high-def camera allows the footage to be slowed down to "super-duper slow mo" speed, which in turn shows the full effect of the actions taking place in the Octagon. You see punches and kicks that, when viewed at normal speed, seem very pedestrian and even ineffective. But when slowed way, way down, you can see what the impact really looks like.

I have always had an appreciation for these fighters, realizing they are doing something that I could never ever do, and that has only increased after seeing footage like this. The ripples and waves caused by each strike are mind blowing, especially considering that most (okay, some) of them don't even phase these fighters - they just keep coming forward.

UFC 168 was the final pay-per-view of 2013 and was billed as one of the biggest cards of the year. It did not disappoint. Out of the 11 total fights on the card, only three of them went the judges, and all of those decisions were exciting. The rest of the fights were all stoppages of some sort, including a third-round submission by UFC Women's Bantamweight Champ Ronda Rousey, and a gruesome injury that ended the main event and kept the UFC Middleweight strap around the waist of champion Chris Weidman.