Remember last winter as you sat shivering in your house, nervously watching the thermostat and dreading the appearance of your next Vectren bill? Remember how it seemed that the Winter of 2010-11 just wouldn't end? Get ready for part two.

According to Climatologists, Indiana may once again be in the crosshairs of vengeful mother nature. It seems the trouble will be brewing down in the Pacific Ocean. In the article in today's Courier and Press, associate state climatologist Ken Scheeringa said "meteorologists expect the periodic cooling of the central Pacific Ocean that's known as La Nina to return and bring another severe winter to Indiana and the rest of the Midwest."

A few years ago the opposite of the phenomena, called El Nino, created a rather mild winter here in the Tri-State. Unfortunately that will not be the case this year. However the effects of La Nina and a warming of the ocean around Iceland and Greenland (dammit we should have listened to Gore), will combine to make your winter miserable.

Last year you might remember Snowmaggedon, which shut down Northern Indiana and the Chicago area. In fact, pictures of abandoned cars on Lake Shore Drive looked like something right out of the apocalypse. It seems that could happen again this year, so get ready.

However, if you got some cash to throw around, now would be a great time to invest in some Vectren stock. But if you're a broke bastard, like me, lets laugh at Chris Farley.