A public animal cruelty registry is now available with the Evansville Police Department. There have been a number of high profile animal abuse cases in the Tri-state the last few years and one thing that the folks in the animal rescue community have really been hoping for is a registry for those found guilty of animal cruelty - a way to ensure that animal abusers don't end up with another animal in their care. This registry has been a long time coming and is a big win for the animal rescue community. A big thank you to everyone, including the Evansville Police Department, who has worked so hard to make this registry a reality. If you would like to view the registry you can do so by visiting EvansvillePolice.com. Once there, you can select "Humane Officer Report" in the upper left and then "2017 Animal Offenders" to see the complete list of those convicted of charges related to animal cruelty.



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