Flying used to be a classy adventure. You'd wear a suit, sit in a comfortable armchair-like seat, light up a cigar, and end up at your destination before you finished your third Jack and Coke (which was served by a smoking hot flight attendant). 

Now you're crammed in to a metal tube and sent hurtling through the sky with angry flight attendants barking orders at you. There are passengers who aren't even wearing shoes and treat the plane like its their living room. You're pretty sure the guy in the exit row would only be concerned with saving his Samsonite if the plane went down. And some moron brought their DOG on the freaking plane.

But perhaps the most annoying thing about flying is sitting next to an annoying person. Like my friends who had a two hour flight from Atlanta, seated next to a family who refused to change their infants diaper. But perhaps Steve Cullum's latest flight took the cake.

Cullum had his seatmate fall asleep on him! Where most of us would have nudged the passenger and told them to back up, Cullum decided to capture the entire awkward incident on camera. Its 2013 and in the age of YouTube what do you expect?

Cullum maintains that he tried to wake the woman who started falling asleep as soon as she boarded the plane. Nothing worked so Cullum started to record the video for his family See what happened in the video below.

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