This is a follow-up to my post from last week. After the sleep study I had a couple of weeks to wait while they review test results and try to figure out why I'm not getting enough sleep.

The first thing I noticed was my caffeine intake. I love coffee and I was chugging around Four 16 oz. cups a day and drinking around 88 oz of soda. Normal people would be feeling how Keith Richards feels all the time.

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That's a Drug Reference. (Michael Loccisano / Getty Images)

I also have a habit of falling asleep at weird times. Like in the middle of gift opening on Christmas, at noon. While watching a movie (the best $7.50 nap I have ever taken). And one time between breaks while operating the board for a Live Broadcast (I had several cell phone alarms set).

When I got called back in to review my results. I was asked the same questions about Caffeine intake (a ton), how easy it is to fall asleep, and habits while sleeping (snoring, sleep walking, sleep eating).

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While looking over notes about my sleep study a trend emerged. While I didn't stop breathing for long periods of time, I had a few respiratory issues through the night. Every time my oxygen levels dropped, my brain woke me up.

Shout out to my Brain, thanks for not letting me suffocate while I sleep! (Chris Hondros /Getty Images)
Shout out to my Brain, thanks for not letting me suffocate while I sleep! (Chris Hondros /Getty Images)

There were times when I wasn't fully awake. However, my brain was wide awake as shown by the brain activity. Try to stop breathing once, shame on you. Try to Stop breathing twice, I'm not letting you sleep. So there is my problem. They call it Mild Apnea.

The solutions are simple. Lose weight, use a CPAP machine (more on that), or major reconstructive surgery. If it's one thing I obsessively searched between my test and the results meeting, it was sleep apnea. So I had an idea of what I wanted to do based on what I had read on Reddit Forums, other online message boards, and actual medical journals.

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Ask your Doctor why self-diagnosis through Web MD is a good way to get thoroughly mocked today! (Joe Raedle / Getty Images)

I opted for the combination of the two solutions that didn't involve major reconstructive surgery. I have decided to wear a CPAP machine at night and to lose weight as I become less tired during the day. For those of you who don't know, a CPAP machine delivers oxygen throughout the night. That way your brain won't stay awake to keep you from dying. Plus you get to wear a mask all night and live out your dreams of night time Bane cosplay.

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Now we begin another exciting chapter of figuring our why I can't sleep, waiting for insurance approval. Isn't the American Medical system great?!? Stay tuned for another update once I get the machine and hopefully a full night's sleep!



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