Flying sucks. Can we just finally admit it? While cavemen dreamed of soaring with the gods, the reality is we're crammed in a tube fighting over armrest space with a stranger.

And all it takes is one person to make that experience suck even more. One idiot tries to blow up his shoes, now you have to remove your shoes when you go through security. Never get that guy around an overweight frequent flyer.

However one moron decided to make overseas flight his own personal party, by downing a bottle of duty free alcohol. After he was good and sauced, he began to scream at and choke other passengers.

The flight was going between Iceland and New York, and that is a an extremely long flight. Too long to be dealing with a violent drunk, so the crew decided to duct tape and zip tie the man to his seat.

Watch the video below. Its a little rough, but you'll get the idea.

What's the worst part of flying? For me, its that stupid anxiety I have that I'm going to miss my luggage on that little carousel.

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