Drunk Mom Gets Herself Stuck In A High Chair
Being a mom is a tough job hand's down. You're the go-to person when your better half tells the kids "I don't know, ask your mom". You're a chef, a chauffeur, a receptionist, and a myriad of other titles. But sometimes, mama has got to cut loose.
Drunk’s 30 Minute Rage In Police Cruiser On Tape!
Its one of the reasons I could never be a bartender, drunk people act like children (it explains why a lot of my former bar-tending friends are now teachers). And there is nothing like a toddler-esque meltdown to make you question the legality of assault.
Dude Critiques His Drunk Neighbor’s Karaoke
It never fails you go to your favorite local bar and they're having ANOTHER karaoke night. In order to enjoy your tasty beverage you have to suffer through a herd of drunk sorority girls belting out "Call Me Maybe". Perhaps you think you can have some peace at home.

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