Flying used to be a classy affair. You dressed up in a suit, lit up a cigar, and had a beautiful flight attendant pour you a whiskey on the rocks.

Today you get strip searched at the airport, listen to kids scream over a terrible in flight movie, and have a flight attendant who acts like a school teacher on a field trip.

The only way the situation could get worse, having your plane land in a war torn country and the pilot hits you up for gas money. Which is exactly what happened to passengers on a recent Air France flight.

The flight was on its way to Beirut, but couldn't due to security concerns. After searching for another place to land, the plane ended up in Syria. If you haven't heard the news, Syria is in the midst of a civil war right now (apparently the news around here is tied up reporting on what idiot politicians say).

The plane needed to refuel, but Syria is a 'cash only' country now. So the crew on the plane began to ask passengers for money. However Air France came through and none of the passengers had to shell out their dough.

So the next time you feel like whining about a delayed flight, just be glad they aren't asking you to chip in for gas.


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