Facebook can really derail your day if you're not careful.

Part of my day involves scrolling through Facebook to keep up to date on events, news, and activities in the tri-state that I can relay back to you on air or on our website.

Unfortunately, while Facebook has important information like that available, a majority of it is an infinite well of distractification. Which is a word I just made up, but seems appropriate for what I'm trying to describe.

So here are some things that distract me on Facebook and just suck minutes to hours out of my, what would have been productive, day.

1. Animals Being Saved.

Those heart wrenching videos of a dog or cat stuck in a ditch and being saved by random passers by. I can't NOT watch those. I have to make sure the animal is okay!!!

2. Donor Videos.

I'm a sucker for heart warming videos, okay? Like, I feel like a horrible person if I DON'T watch it.

3. "Send me a GIF of..."

Anything that requires me to send you a gif, I'm doing it. Type in my pets name in the the gif search and comment with the first thing that pops up? You got it. A gif of the last tv show I watched. You betcha. Comment the last gif I saved to my phone and post it with no context? Way ahead of you.


4. Cats.

Cats doing ANYTHING.

5. Endlessly scrolling through "I'm Engaged!" "New Baby Pictures!" "The Party From Last Night!" "Wedding Photos!" and the over-all "I know we haven't talked since high school but all these photos show I'm clearly doing better than you right now!" posts.

6. Stupid memes and comics that I love.

7. Finding the actual information I was looking for in the first place when I logged on 3 hours ago...

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