Nirvana played their last concert on March 1, 1994. Since that Munich show, the world has changed in many ways, and we're taking a look at 25 of them in the gallery below.

Perhaps not surprisingly, many of the things we've written about are technology-based. The internet was still in its infancy back then, but its emergence as a dominant force in society has affected how we discover information, watch television, read books, communicate, meet other people and make a living. It's also been responsible for new words like "blog," "podcast" and "sexting" entering our daily vocabulary.

The music world has changed considerably in the past 25 years, with new acts – some of whom weren't alive (or barely were) when Nirvana were still together – springing up every year. We're also listening to music differently, as compact discs were replaced as the dominant method of music consumption, first by mp3s and then by streaming platforms. And who ever could have predicted that Guns N' Roses would take 14 years to make a new album?

You'll read about such innovations as the smartphone, streaming media, the Kindle, social networking and a "little blue pill" that has made a lot of men (and hopefully their partners) happy. We've also included some changes in sports, movies and automobiles, as well as some of the historical events that nobody could have predicted back in 1994. Check them all out below.

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