The Evansville Police Department is asking for your help. However, this time they're not asking you to provide information on someone who broke the law. This time they're asking you to join them in the fight against childhood cancer.

For the past few years, the Department has sold patches of their logo along with t-shirts featuring the same logo as a fundraiser for different health-related organizations. For the past couple of years, the patch was pink and the money went to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. This year, as you can see Peyton Manning modeling above, they've chosen a gold color scheme with the money benefiting the American Cancer Society, local hospitals, and families currently affected by childhood cancer.

The patches are on sale now for $10 each and can be purchased at Siegel's Uniforms on North Congress Road one block east of Stockwell Road, Lawman Tactical on North Green River Road roughly two blocks north of Morgan Avenue, and the EPD Records Counter in the Civic Center Complex on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard downtown.

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T-shirts are also available at those three locations for $20 each. In the event you can't get to any of those locations, Evansville Police will also be selling them during the annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival October 4th through 9th at the intersection of 10th and Franklin Streets in front of The Gerst Haus restaurant. Just look for the big blue and white EPD Command Vehicle. If you don't see it, you must be walking around with your eyes close, which I don't recommend.

Both the badges and the shirts are available while supplies last, so be sure to get one soon.

[Source: Evansville Police Department on Facebook]

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